Time Out Banani Food List

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Mini Thai - Rice & Noodles

Flat Noodles With Vegetable

Flat Noodles With Beef

Flat Noodles With Chicken

Flat Noodles With Prawn

Bok Choy On Noodles With Beef

Bok Choy On Noodles With Chicken

Khao Suey With Beef

Khao Suey With Chicken

Chicken Pasta Thai style

Beef Pasta Thai style

Prawn Pasta Thai style

Fried Rice With Beef

Fried Rice With Chicken

Fried Rice With Prawn

Egg Fried Rice

Tom Yum Rice With Seafood

Tom Yum Rice With Beef

Tom Yum Rice With Chicken

Tom Yum Rice With Prawn

Steamed Rice

Mini Thai - Stir Fried

Beef With Basil Leaf

Chicken With Basil Leaf

Prawn With Basil Leaf

Hot Chili Beef With Vegetable

Hot Chili Chicken With Vegetable

Hot Chili Prawn With Vegetable

Sizzling Chicken In Hot Garlic Sauce

Sizzling Beef In Hot Garlic Sauce

Sizzling Prawn In Hot Garlic Sauce

Stir Fried Chicken Cashewnut

Stir Fried Vegetable

Sliced Beef With Mushroom Ginger

Sliced Chicken With Mushroom Ginger

Beef In Oyster Sauce

Fried Beef Ginger Garlic

Chili Squid With Basil

Hawaiian Chicken Delight

Prawn Stir Fried With Curry Sauce

Prawn Stir Fried With Curry Sauce

Chinese Cabbage with Black Mushroom

Kan Kong With Baby Prawn

Crispy Fish In Ginger Sauce

Top Hat 4 pieces

Mini Thai - Soup

Tom Yum Prawn Soup

Tom Yum Chicken Soup

Thai Soup

Chicken Corn Soup

Chicken Hot & Sour Soup

Fish Ball Soup

Chicken Ball Soup

Dumpling Soup

Chicken Vegetable Soup

Chicken Noodles Soup

Sizzling Steak

Beef Steak

Chicken Peppercorn Steak

Mushroom Steak

Fish Steak

Tawa Fried

Mixed Tawa

Hot Garlic Wings

Beef Chaap

Chicken Chaap

Beef Boti Fry

Chicken Boti Fry

Chicken Giblet Liver Fry


Roll & Wrap

Egg Paratha

Beef Egg Wrap

Chicken Egg Wrap

Cheese & Mushroom Wrap

Mexican - Nachos

Beef Nachos

Chicken Nachos

Cheese Nachos

Mexican - Salad

Shredded Chicken

Chicken Cashewnut

Mexican - Burrito

Vegetable Burrito

Vegetable Burrito

Beef Burrito

Chicken Burrito

Mexican - Taco

Vegetable Taco

Beef Taco

Chicken Taco

South Indian - Dosa

Butter Dosa

Cheese Dosa

Masala Dosa

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    Time Out Banani
  • Cuisines
    Kabab & Grill Mexican Food Thai
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    House No # 65, Road No #19-E, 1209 Dhaka
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